Donelan Family Vyd
Today we are pleased to offer a large selection from Donelan Family Vineyards, featuring verticals of several of their finest Syrah, Pinot and Chardonnay offerings. It is not possible to talk about Donelan Family without mentioning owner Joe Donelan’s partnership with Pax Mahle at Pax vineyards in the early 2000s; Joe was the finance behind the Pax operation, and after their separation in 2008 Joe kept the vineyard name for a few years before giving it up and forming his own eponymous label. The style of the wines has undergone a shift from ripe, full-throttle and immensely powerful in the early days to a much more balanced, regal style these days; this change was a gradual one before the spilt, and since Pax went his own way Donelan has continued with his policy of hiring young winemakers (today David Milner is at the helm) to continue to seek balance and ageability in his bottlings. Today we have selection of Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay, Viognier and Roussanne, each produced with site-definition in mind – along with the goal of producing “A+++ wines” (as Donelan doesn’t hesitate to call them). Some of the names you will recognize from the early Pax days, such as Cuvée Keltie and Obsidian Vyd, while others are new since the reinvention of the brand (Tripps Block, Two Brothers – named after Donelan’s sons) – but all are well worth seeking out for their purity, nuance and sheer drinkability. If you are familiar with these wines already then please take this opportunity to backfill your collection, and if you are not then we are delighted to introduce you to critically acclaimed wines that will fast become one of your favorites!